History Questionnaire
Level One: Easy

  1. When and where did Martin Luther nail his 95 Theses?
  2. Who was the Emperor that Martin Luther spoke to at the Diet of Worms?
  3. What was Zwingli’s first name? What was his wife’s name? What was the name of his beloved step-son?
  4. Who was the first Anabaptist put to death under Swiss Reformed rule?
  5. What were William Tyndale’s last words?
  6. What did Thomas Cranmer say about the Pope right before he died?
  7. The first Reformation song was written by Martin Luther to remember what event in the Netherlands?
  8. In 1540 Menno Simons published his most important book, what was its title?
  9. What did George Wishart do at the breakfast table on the morning of his martyrdom?
  10. How did God use a dog to provide the needs of John Craig?
  11. What city did William Farel, John Calvin and Pierre Viret work to reform?
  12. In which year did Antoine de la Roche Chandieu write the Gallican (French) Confession of Faith?
  13. True or False: The center of the Waldensian Church was in seven valleys in the Alps of Savoy.
  14. Waldensian delegates George Morel and Pierre Masson met with which reformers?
  15. What other name was Johannes Bugenhagen known by?
  16. Who were the two brothers that translated the Bible into Swedish?
  17. True or False: Matthias Devay, the Hungarian reformer, stayed with Luther when he traveled to Wittenberg.
  18. In which country did Prince Nicholas Radziwill work to advance the Reformation?
  19. Which country is Seville in?
  20. Casiodoro de Reina and Cipriano de Valera worked on translating the Bible into which language?
  21. What were the years of Peter Martyr’s birth and death?
  22. How many siblings did Celio Secundo Curio have?