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October 31st, 2017 marks the birth of the Reformation. The Reformation began with men like Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli, among others, confronting the errors of the Roman Catholic Churches and spread over all of Europe. The Reformation took many different forms creating Lutheran, Reformed, Presbyterian, Anglican and Anabaptist churches. Though each of these groups worked to bring about reform in different ways and to different degrees and at times fought against each other, and sadly even persecuted one another, they were all part of a movement to return the church and society to the Bible. They all believed that the Word of God is the supreme authority for life, godliness and worship, and that salvation is by grace alone through faith, which produces good works. The Reformation brought about the salvation of thousands and transformed European society for the good because God’s Spirit worked in a mighty way; it was at times messy, bloody and controversial because men were part of the picture. Come to learn from the providences, work of the Spirit, vision, victories, trials, faith, doctrine and mistakes in the lives of the men and women of the Reformation.    

This website was created from a conference held in Lancaster County, PA in April of 2017.